Provisional registration is accomplished when vessel’s provisional navigation documents are issued: a six (6) months valid provisional navigation patent and three (3) months valid provisional ship station.


Newly constructed vessels and vessels under construction can apply for assignment of provisional patent number, MMSI number and call letters upon payment of registration fees only(without annual taxes). With said data the vessel may arrange obtainment of her ISM and ISPS Code certificates. Once the vessel construction is completed and the vessel is ready for delivery, we may apply for issuance of provisional navigation patent and ship station license via Panama. Consulate or via PMA headquarters in the Republic of Panama.


A special Registry for Three Months is available for international service vessels due for demolition, delivery voyages or any other kind of temporary navigation. Vessels under this Special Registry are cancelled ex off- cio from the Panama Ship Registry once the three months validity period elapses. Although this registration cannot be extended, it can be converted into a regular registration by paying the difference between the regular registration fees, and the special registry fees.


Mortgages on Panama Flag vessels can be registered preliminary at the time of vessel’s delivery together with the provisional registration of ownership title bilateral or unilateral with validity of six months. The mortgage document with signatures of both mortgagee and mortgagor duly notarized by Public Notary and apostiled. Should be presented for permanent registration for Public Registry of Panama.


The discharge of mortgage document must be legalized by Notary Public as to the authenticity of the signature of Mortgagee’s representative and the capacity of said representative to act on behalf of the Mortgage document must be authenticated by Panamanian Consulate or by Apostille.


A foreign flag vessel may be registered under the Panama Special Bareboat Charter Registry without losing the vessel’s original (mother) registry. This special registration in allowed for renewable periods of 2 years and is subject to the consent of the mother registry, ship-owner and the mortgagee(s).


Likewise, vessels registered in Panama may be registered for renewable 2 years periods in a Special Foreign Registry und Bareboat Charter without losing their Panama mother registry. Panama vessels registered in this Special Foreign Registry will be subject to all legal and fiscal obligations of Panama and their owners may not register in any registry other than Panama ther ownership title deeds and mortgages to which such vessels are or may be subject. Any registration made in violation of said prohibition will be considered null under the light of Panama laws without prejudice to the vessel’s cancellation from the Panamanian Ship Registry which Digemar may order on its own motion.

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