Corporation Establishment

The Republic of Panama is recognized as an important platform to organize business and execute extraterritorial transactions. Different factors that have been integrating naturally from the time of the conquest have made her a thriving international financial center amongst them. Law No 32 of february 1927 which governs the creation of corporations its stock structure the management organs merger the disposal of its assets and its dissolution,amongst other aspects of this commercial organization. Said legal body gives existence to one of the Panamainian legal structures most used until today for the organization of enterprises and execution of commercial transactoion,nationally as well as internationally.


In accordance to Law No 25 of june 12, 1995 a foundation of private interest can be established by one or more natural or juridical persons, by themselves or by means of third parties.


The Republic of Panama is well known as an international financial center, mainly for its corporations trusts legislation and income Tax system. These have been the three main elements for which Panama is used for estate planning.

Establishment Of An Office In Panama

Establishment of an office in Panama. Clients can setup a company office in the Republic of Panama through especially established corporate management service division renting offices with employees utility services as well as accounting service.

Redomiciliation Of Companies In Panama

Panama law permits the redomiciliation of a company duly Registered in a different jurisdiction to the Republic of Panama keeping the same name (if of course same is available at the public registry of panama).

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